Painted Tick Design Custom Black Nike Air Force 1

    Painted Tick Design Custom Black Nike Air Force 1

      Custom air force 1  Nike air force 1

      Thank you for your interest in my product!
      We offer the best price and the best quality on the market, we have been selling for more than 2 years in our country, so we know exactly how well we do our job. 
      about sneakers
      -Sneakers are made from the best paint for sneakers Angelus, so the quality is top notch. We also have any shades and colors, if you want some other color do not hesitate to write to us.
      -We value your time, so your sneakers will be made as soon as possible, about 2-3weeks (this depends on the number of orders, but this is definitely not longer than 3 weeks), but if you need to receive them earlier, please contact me and I will definitely do something I'll think of it!
      -Personalization. If you want to create your own style please contact me.
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