Our Mission at Insdrip

Our mission at Insdrip is to empower independent artists to expand their creativity and make a living through their art and passions.
Shoe Assignment
Your order will be assigned to a shoe creator who specializes in that specific design. They will then begin the handcrafted shoe customization.

We take quality very seriously, in why there will be 3-4 inspections throughout the production process of the shoes. If there are any flaws, management will be notified and a new shoe will be put into production.

Supervisor Overview
At the end of completion a member of management will do one more final inspection before the shoes are put back in their box & then packed into a shipping bag.

Order Shipment
Orders take within 1-3 weeks for delivery, sometimes less depending on our order volume. Please keep track of order as it is processed by shipping carriers.
*We are not affiliated with any other shoe company or brand. Every shoe is lawfully bought at full retail, we then put our own custom artwork on shoe and sell.*
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