Returns & Refund Policy

By placing an order, you have confirmed that you have read, understood and accepted these following policies.

We will be responsible for the quality of all products. The production process of all products has undergone a lot of inspections, in order to strictly control the quality. If the product you received has any quality problems, or is seriously damaged during shipping, or does not match the order requirements, we promise to replace it for you free of charge.

We are sorry for that we do not accept returns or refunds for any other reason except for the above. Since our custom shoes are processed according to your order requirements, please confirm your order information carefully before placing an order, including the size, shipping address, color, etc.

We will explain our return and refund policy from three aspects: common reasons for requesting a refund before/after receiving packages and the general process for return and refund. If you still have any problems you can contact us at


Common Reasons for Requesting a Refund (Before Receiving)

Cancel the order

We only approve the cancellation of the order within 24 hours after you placing the order, and we will charge 3% of the total order amount as a management and transaction fee, which means that the refund you received will be 97% of the order amount, not 100 %. Requests to cancel the order after more than 24 hours will not be approved, we will complete your custom shoes according to your order and deliver them to you as agreed.


Convert the order

If you apply to convert the order within 24 hours after placing the order, once you place a new order, we will automatically cancel the old order for you and refund 100%. If you try to convert during the shoe’s processing progress, we will notify you by email whether the conversion is successful or not. If the conversion fails, we will not approve the refund application for this reason, the old order is still valid, and we will complete your order according to your initial order. Shoes will be made and delivered to you as agreed.


Common Reasons for Requesting a Refund (After Receiving)

The shoes do not match the order

If the shoes you received do not match your order requirements, such as shoe style, size, color, etc., you can apply for a 100% refund. We will ask you to provide the following pictures at the same time in general, including the photo of the product, photo of the shoe box, photo of the shipping label, photo of measuring the product size with a ruler (if needed), photo of measuring the length of the insole with a ruler (if needed), etc. Once we have confirmed the authenticity of the photo, your refund request will be approved, we will send you specific return instructions, and you will need to send the shoes back with the proof of purchase.


***But there are four points you should notice:

  1. Since our products are delivered all over the world by international shipping, please understand that we can only guarantee the use of the shoe box to ensure that the shoes are not damaged, but cannot guarantee that the shoe box itself will not be damaged due to impact or other reasons during transportation. If the product you received, only the outer packaging is damaged and the shoes themselves are not contaminated or damaged, we will not approve your refund application.
  2. Please understand that the images displayed on our website may be slightly different in color from the actual item due to the light when the photo was taken or the display of the monitor, and there may be a 15% difference between the advertised image and the actual item you received.
  3. Please understand that since our original shoes are all purchased from genuine channels, the shoe size guide is exactly the same as the official one. Please confirm your correct shoe size before placing an order, if you finally try it on after you receive it and find that the shoe size is too large/small, we will not approve your request for a refund.
  4. Please understand that once the product is used, you will lose the right to request a refund for any reason.
  5. Our return refund policy is valid for 7 days from the date of arrival, if you apply after 7 days, unfortunately, we cannot provide you with a refund.


The order is marked as "delivered" but not actually received

If your order has been marked as "delivered" by the logistics company, but you have not actually received the package, you can first contact the courier company to confirm whether it was sent to the wrong address or other nearby addresses. Shipping issues for packages marked "delivered" yet not received and where there is no evidence of “porch piracy” can be approved no earlier than 5 days after “delivery date” and no later than 15 days to ensure it was not misdelivered or easily found around the premises.


***At the same time, you need to pay attention:

If the package is sent to the wrong address or returned by the logistics company because you filled in the wrong address or the address is incomplete, we will not approve your refund request.


General Process for Returns and Refunds

After you submit the related pictures as required by us, we will check it and then your refund application will be approved. We will 100% automatically return it to your payment account. Usually it takes some processing time (5 business days) before the refund, and then you can wait for the bank to process it. If you haven't received a refund for a long time, you can check your bank account first, then contact your credit card company, you can also contact us at, we promise to solve it for you as soon as possible.

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